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Boyd Innovation Center Grow Co

GrowCo - Boyd Innovation Center

GrowCo is an entrepreneur support organization (ESO) formed from the vision of local entrepreneurs. Once a member-based nonprofit to grow Columbia-based Inc. 5000 companies, GrowCo pivoted to a new mission, with no small thanks to a generous donation from the Boyd Foundation.

Today, GrowCo focuses on programs to support founders along their entire entrepreneurial journey, building a destination at the Boyd Community Innovation Center (BCIC), and creating a culture of entrepreneurship in the Midlands.

The Boyd Innovation Center (BIC), powered by GrowCo is a central hub for high growth/high tech (HGHT) startups in the Cola metro region. The BIC serves as Cola’s destination where forward-thinking individuals of all backgrounds come together to develop groundbreaking ideas that change the world. Meanwhile, GrowCo acts as a nonprofit organization that curates startup activities.

If you're ready to start building a scalable, tech company in the Midlands, we're here to help.