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How To Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
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Michele Dugar is a dynamic entrepreneur and strategic thinker with a diverse background in business, art, and education. As a seasoned marketing consultant, she began her journey by providing strategic branding to small business owners, utilizing her unique blend of analytical and creative skills. Michele's entrepreneurial spirit has led her to teach as well as to open two of her own businesses throughout her career.

Michele recently shared with us her experiences with starting a company, navigating growth, overcoming the fear of failure, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable as an entrepreneur.

Describe your founder journey.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I've navigated various paths within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Initially, I began as a marketing consultant, specializing in strategic branding. My unique blend of analytical and creative skills, honed during my double major in business and art, allowed me to excel in both strategic analysis and creative execution.

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